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  • About 4 Decades
    Of Practicing

    About 4 decades experience and knowledge in corporate, commercial, property, immigration, employment, insurance law
  • Providing Legal and
    Allied Consultancy Services

    we provide advisory, consultancy, brokerage and facilitation services for persons and/or companies
  • Intellectual and
    Industrial Property Law

    Our areas of practice cover corporate, commercial, property, immigration, employment, insurance, maritime, intellectual property Law
  • Litigation and
    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alaba Odunlami Partners

Alaba Odunlami Partners (LP) is a law firm established in 1985 to provide a wide range of legal services to both individual and corporate clients. The firm undertakes work for private and public companies, corporate investors, various arms of governments, financial institutions, foreign legal firms and international consultancy practices.
Over the years the firm has focused on the sometimes peculiar and specific needs of its clients and employed its experience, knowledge and understanding of the local, commercial, financial, corporate and regulatory environment in Nigeria to proffer and effect solutions to the requests and challenges of its various clients which has positioned them to take advantage of the numerous business opportunities available in Nigeria.

Our Practice Areas

The Firm offers specialist services in diverse areas of law, which covers Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Immigration, Employment and Labour Matters, Investment & Insurance, Maritime, Intellectual Property, Telecommunication, Banking and Corporate Finance, Taxation, Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes, Family law, Energy and other natural resources, including Mining law and practice.

Corporate Law

Also known as Company law, is a highly diverse practice and is integral to both legal and business industries. It is an area that deals with the following, among others: Restructuring companies by selling shares and assets Listing companies on the stock exchange Merging and acquisition of companies

Media & Entertainment Law

Media law generally governs what can be published and broadcasted in compliance with the National Broadcasting Censors Board (NBC) laws and regulations. This area of law also relates to Intellectual Property Law such as patents copyright and design infringements etc.

Commercial Law

Commercial law seeks to resolve legal problems that can occur in the running of businesses and commercial transactions. Its predominant concerns are contract and tort law. It borders on how businesses are run and how they in turn work to help and growthe client’s business and the economy.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law deal with legal issues related to real property. This includes sales, purchases, leases, title disputes, landlord & tenant issues, environmental compliance, foreclosures and most recently, joint venture arrangements.

Mission Statement

Our desire and focus is to maintain the very best standard in legal practice that will translate to the provision of proactive, creative, innovative and satisfactory legal services to our clients while ensuring that they maintain and sustain existing relationships while building new ones which will reflect the growth and development of their businesses and interests.

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