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Who is Alaba Odunlami Partners. ?

When should I seek legal advice ?

It is impossible to list all of the situations in which you should get legal advice, so we have listed some common situations when you should get legal advice. This list is not complete, and if you have a question you think a lawyer might be able to help you with, feel free to contact us. You should contact a lawyer if: You have been sued, or threatened with a lawsuit; You have a dispute over legal documents such as a loan agreement, contracts etc. You disagree with someone about how much you owe them or how much they owe you If you have been charged with a crime

What's the difference between civil and criminal legal services ?

Civil cases are where people have a disagreement with other people or businesses, or where people think the government is doing something wrong. Civil cases usually involve disputes about money, services or rights. Civil cases include, landlord/tenant, commercial disputes, divorce and custody, domestic violence, unemployment compensation and public benefits. Criminal cases are where the government charges a person with a crime, such as speeding, robbery, trespass, shoplifting, assault, murder, etc. Criminal cases may carry the risk of jail or a prison sentence.

How do I find a lawyer ?

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